Marriage Photography

Contemporary Candid Package:

Our packages are qualitatively different from each other. The price of package will vary on the basis of number of days we have to cover. In each package we will explain why you should hire us to make your wedding experience complete.

In Contemporary Candid Package we offer:

Photography is done in Candid way giving emphasis to candid potraits, creative shots, rituals, groups & guests, creative shots of decorations, posed candids, shooting of makeup session of bride and groom etc

A delightful mixture of candid and posed shots.Quantity of pictures is no bar with us. Our team will take precise care to shoot every candid moment, groups & guest shots, decorations and any other shots that the bride or groom or their family desire for. All the pictures will be edited manually one by one and given to you as soft copies.

Our still shooting is not dependent only on available light. We always carry state of the art mobile lighting systems with us. We create magical still picture by using our lighting system to compensate available light at the venue.

We will provide you with Cosmopolitan Ultramodern photobook type of albums containing pictures that you choose from the soft copies of stills we deliver to you.

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In this package we offer