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Wedding Cinematography

You must have enjoyed many movies on celluloid. How about turning your own wedding into an ethereal cinema! Thanks to the brilliant fare that wedding cinematography provides, you can actually revel in a schemed out movie carved out of your wedding.

We understand the emotions that go into weddings. The expensive settings; the roll of guests, food; accommodation, gifts et al. The bride and grooms undergo different emotions as they proceed towards a new life; where they will be the main protagonists in unison. We endeavor to capture these emotions in moving frames.

Our photographers are extremely well-grounded in the art of cinematography. They map the various sequences and even invent a few to ensure that your wedding seems different than others. Then our editors take their time to cut these sequences and edit them into a video, documentary or a small movie. Of course, this depends on your budget.

We have latest gadgets and equipments to carve out the wedding movies. Our cameras are top-notch and the quadcopters, jibs, steadycams are ever in place. We keep a tab on special routines; dance sequences, traditional folds; the D-day and the ultimate move-away of the bride. We craft these moments with passion, zeal and thorough understanding.

Wedding videos traditionally appear as if forced; where the bride and groom are requested to pose in certain manner. In fact, the whole wedding party has to behave in a suggested manner. In contrast, wedding cinematography lends a natural appeal to it. The bride, groom or the in-laws may be seen holding small talks or eating freely. We sometimes capture them early in the morning; in their jumpsuits for a natural look.

Thanks to the potency of digital film camera and lenses these days; sharpness and aspect ratio is ever up to scratch. Our editing team introduce sound designing and impromptu scenes into the queue before snipping and coming to the final picture. Our end results will rarely fail to delight you.

We are quite flexible and amenable to your suggestions; fully understanding the fact that it is after all, your wedding. We may or may not insert interviews; we may leave ad-libs or melt it into lilting music. We may keep the wedding movie quite simple and natural or infuse sensational aspects into it.

What we specialize at is capturing the variant moods of the bride and groom as they approach and ultimately go through the marriage. The hesitation, butterflies; winks and frowns of these two fellows offer a wonderful view even years after the wedding. It becomes a piece to cherish!

So, if you have a wedding going on; or even better, if your wedding is on the cards, feel free to approach us for a candid wedding cinematography. We will tie the knot rather strongly.

Candid Couple Potrait

The wedding day is an important fixture in everyone’s life. Everyone wishes to capture the moments in a memorable fashion. The cult of wedding photography actually emerged from this inner urge and is now a burgeoning industry.

Rules, however, are changing as we begin to keep up to the modern trends. The very art of snapping traditional images and photos, where the bride and groom wear formal attires and expressions, is so passé. This is the age of candid wedding photography.

Candid Picture
If you are frank and gamely enough to raise a toast to your wedding through unrehearsed and instinctive pictures, you can come to us. We extend our facilities to you if you desire to get your marriage captured by candid wedding photography. We strategize and begin days before the D-day, ready to capture inspiring moments. We are ever ready for the click; our cameras ready to explode. Since we cannot be sure when there will be that definitive moment fit to capture.

Candid Couple Potrait

As a photography team, we are blessed with a snapping instinct. This helps us to be at the right places at the right time. Of course, weddings give their own cue. Where we make the difference is in planning something new, say, waiting in a garden for the bride and groom to sneak in alone and share some ‘we’ moment. When later on, they find these moments replayed, there is a royal grin on their faces.

Candid wedding photography obviously is not all about instincts. There is a lot of planning involved. We may encourage the wedding clients to carry a theme on a beach or in a pre-wedding casual party. The camaraderie visible there makes up for exceptional collection of frank images to be captured.

Candid Prewedding photo

We also exhort our clients to let us incorporate small videos of the bride and groom alone, with the city providing the background. Sharp camera angles gel well with lilting music as the wedding duo share some pleasant and private moments.

The wedding day obviously offers a range of candid photographs. We place our cameras strategically; ready to shoot. Food drooling out of the bride’s lips or the groom giving a friendly wink to his friend; someone slipping or someone bursting into a cataclysmic laugh; all these moments are special and define the day. It would be a crime not to capture them.
Candid Prewedding photo

When you approach us, you can ask for a mixed bag of candid and posed photographs. We will cover the venue as well as the exterior and mix the ‘garden-varieties’ into it. In effect, your wedding will become special even when you recollect it years after through the photos in hand.
We need to anticipate incidents; typically with the bride and groom. This becomes a lot more convenient in Indian weddings that have lots of traditions and require the wedding people to act in a certain manner. It becomes easy to anticipate.

Candid photo

Get a glut of candid photographs from your wedding and the snaps will inspire you for a long time. What makes candid wedding photography special is the grain of intuition.