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FAQs & Price ( Wedding Photography Cost )

1) Why should I spend money on wedding photography? My friends and relatives already own so many digital camera, they will be shooting my wedding stills and video. I can collect those from them afterwards. Why should I pay you extra?

Ok, first of all your friends and relatives come to your wedding to enjoy themselves. So they also take picture for their own enjoyment. They will not cover your wedding as thoroughly as a professional.

Secondly, the friend you are asking to cover the wedding maybe a very good photographer but you may not like to depend on an amateur to cover the entire wedding. He or she may miss many precious candid moments or important rituals due to inexperience, whereas our experienced photographers and videographers will always be ready to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding.

Also, after five or ten years all your friends and relatives will forget about your wedding day. The food, the fun and the grandeurs of your wedding day will fade away from everybody’s memory. No one will care to remember how much you have spent on your wedding. Only the photos and video will remain as a document of the most precious day of your life.

Thus, the amount of money you spend on wedding photography and videography should not feel like over budget for preserving your beautiful memory.

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2) Ok, I like your work but how do I proceed for booking?

If you are considering us for your wedding assignment then please first go through our packages. You can find all package details under the Services & Packages option or you can scroll down the main page and click on each package to know the details. After you have determined on which package you want to opt for, please contacts us on +919830146998 or you can e-mail us at . You can also visit our office by prior appointment. All the contact information is given in details on the contacts page. Our office location is pointed on Google map.

3) What are the modes of payment you accept? Do you take only cash?

No, We offer various payment option.



Credit/Debit Card

Online payment

Easy EMI option (0% interest 0% processing Charge for 3/6 Months & 12 month for selective packages)

For details please visit our Package comparison page or call at 9830146998.

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4) How should I know which package is suitable for me?

Please visit our Package comparison page. It will help you to understand our packages better. With the help of that you can come to a decision.

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5) I have gone through the packages. But what are the prices?

We offer affordable to premium packages suited to our clients’ needs. So you can choose package according to your budget. For detailed price, click here or please contacts us on +919830146998 or you can e-mail us at

6) Will you pay same attention if I choose a basic package than a high-end package?

Yes, we pay same attention to details and precision to every assignment we take on. Our main motto will be your satisfaction.

7) In comparison to other wedding photographers, what extra are you offering?

We offer some unique things in our packages.

First, we offer true HD videography (1920X1080 pixels) and 4K or UHD Video. We use professional DSLR video camera or 4K cine camera for shooting, edit the video in 4K editing setup (without any resolution loss) and deliver video in high definition media (Blu-ray disc) or in large memory Pendrive for 4K. You will find that many photographers offer normal HD. It means that they may use high definition camera but the edited video will come in a normal DVD in low resolution (576X720 pixels or may be lower).We provide you HD/4K in truest sense. We deliver video in Blu-ray (1920X1080pixels i.e. highest resolution available). Also we offer a DVD copy of the same edited video so that you can share it with friends and families who don’t have Blu-ray player.

Second, we use mobile, high quality lighting equipment for still photography. We don’t give any excuse for low light condition. Nor do we try to pass dark/ burnt shots as artistic pictures. We combine available light with art light for well-balanced creative shots.

Third, we offer cinematic HD/4K videography for the first time in eastern India. For details, see our Services & Packages page.

Last but not the least, for the first time in India we are offering wedding website along with some packages. For details and examples you can visit our Services & Packages page.

8) I am seeing various packages on your website. Do their charges vary from each other and on what basis?

We offer four types of packages. From the package details you can see that each package is qualitatively different from any other. So package charges vary on the basis of quality and number of days of event. Suppose we have to cover an event for three days then the charges will be extra than that of one day. Also charges will vary on the basis of quality of still/ video you want.

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9) In your “Wedding Cinema Package” you have mentioned something about “Cinematic Wedding Videography in HD”. I don’t fully understand it. Can you please describe it a little?

The “Wedding Cinema” or “Cinematic Wedding Videography in 4K or UHD” is the newest concept in wedding videography. We offer it with our “Wedding Cinema” package. If you want to opt for this package there are some very easy steps you have to follow. First we would choose a theme (according to your preference) around which we would design your wedding video. Then Our professional team will ask you to participate in the shooting so we can incorporate your wedding story with that theme. We would ask your close friends and family for their input in your story during the wedding. We will cover the other events throughout the time from engagement to wedding. We will cover your wedding shopping. Family get together for the wedding. A day out with bride and groom in the city etc. So that the romantic story of your fabulous wedding remain captured through our creative lens. And you can relive the moment again and again. We will use highest quality equipment dedicated for cinematic shooting. The edited video will not be a boring wedding video but a Wedding Cinema where your own special story will be told in your own unique way.

10) In your packages you are using words like personalized DVD, personalized Blu-ray, what do you mean by that?

We don’t deliver normal DVD or Blu-ray Disc that are available in local market. We offer imported, superior quality, long lasting, specially printed media. For details, please visit our office.

11) I like to control my own project but you are handling it, will you consider my opinion while working on our project?

You will have full control of your project. You will decide from the pool of pictures, which ones or how many you want to put in your album/s. After the photo book is designed we will show you the soft copy before printing and make any changes in accordance with your taste. You can also choose music or songs for your wedding video. We will never impose our choice on you. But we will suggest professionally so that your work is done smoothly. Our motto is your total satisfaction.

12) When can I visit your office? What office hours do you maintain?

Our office remains open from Monday to Saturday during 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Office is closed on Sundays and all holidays. Still if you want to visit us after office hours or on any holiday (including Sunday) then you are welcome to do so by prior appointment.

13) Do you work only in Kolkata/West Bengal?

No, our team has been working all over India. So if your wedding is taking place outside of Kolkata or West Bengal it won’t be a problem for us to cover it.

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