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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life which you want to make beautiful and memorable forever. One of the most cherished parts of one’s wedding is the captured moments in snapshots. The special ceremonies and rituals when stored in form of photographs for life give you a permanent glimpse of your special day whenever you want. Creating the treasury of memories takes great expertise on professional wedding photography in Kolkata. Only a professional expert knows creating the real flavors of your special moments.
Style: To start with, photography is an artistic skill that requires perfect style and posture. Only a well-experienced and knowledgeable wedding photographer can bring the charm in your photographs. To take this benefit for your pre-wedding shoot, choose a professional pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata with a brilliant sense of style. Your photographer’s style appeal matching up with your particular requirements and desires brings the perfect look for you as a couple.

Selection of Comfortable with high-end devices: Your wedding photos require amazing clarity in the most precise way which is only possible in professional advanced camera and devices. Our wedding photographers are accustomed to these high-end devices ensuring every moment captured brings out the essence of love and compassion like a mirror.
Standard work experience and right flow of time: In comparison to the non-professional photographers in the city, professional photographers with their relevant experience of the work can efficiently deal with the marked possibilities of the wedding day. They can help you get the right location and background for the photographs.

Communication and reliability: You should hire a photographer who has good communication skills to interact with each and every member of the bridal ceremony. If you are hiring a professional team, they should know the compassionate way of getting acquainted with the members of the wedding party to capture their real emotions into beautiful photographs.
When you are looking for an amazing wedding shoot, the things to put your focus upon are poses, locations, and style of photography. You can easily do this with help of your photographer who will share ideas of getting the right pose and select a venue based on your desires and expectations from the photo shoot.

We know the secret of managing flow of time, capturing the exact moment treasured forever. The systematic way of taking snapshots is best known by a photographer knowing the key of Kolkata candid wedding photography. As if the human emotions of love and laughter is caricatured in the photographs!

Professional wedding photography gives you the advantage of turning your wedding into a pleasantly beautiful memory. It is the perfect combination of creativity and quality, making the special day a memorable event of your life.

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In Kolkata, we specialize in Candid wedding photography Kolkata and you are going to be pleasantly surprised with what special features we introduce in our special wedding packages for the Kolkata couples. With us, you can easily choose the photographer of your choice from a huge list of renounced lensman from the country. You would agree that even though we are a bit high end and a bit pricey it is the end results that matter and as far as we are concerned we excel in the department. A good quality digital print of the wedding photographs is bound to come at a price. But at the same time, the pleasure of seeing the pictures in your old age with your spouse is definitely out of the world.

If you get hold of a cheaper photographer for the wedding, then you should most certainly take it with a pinch of salt. It could be that the mentioned lensman is new to the field or it even is that he is a scam and unreliable. Lack of a decent portfolio is indicative of a moderate deal of reputation in the sector. The best option is to choose photography for the wedding which is just not negotiable but affordable as well. Affordable wedding photography is just sometimes the perfect choice because it balances good photography at good prices. So much planning goes into the wedding and the wedding pictures bear testimony to the fact by a great degree. And we understand this perfectly. So, it is only on our website that you will find the combination of diverse styles at best prices to cover a gamut of emotions on your wedding day.

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  • Mrinalini Dey Bakshi
    Mrinalini Dey Bakshi
    Excellent photography and splendid albums. Thank you Marriage Photography Team.
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    Saurabh & Nisha Gupta
    A salute for nice videography. Extraordinary work.
  • Nabamita Das
    Nabamita Das
    Very good service from Marriage Photography Team.Beautiful Albums and very good photography.
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    Sumana & Rajarshi
    Thank you so much for such wonderful albums and video. Both quality and aesthetics are really awesome. Convey this appreciation to your team as well, as they have taken quality shots and created great footage for you to work on. Their friendly nature and co-operation is also to be remembered. It was really good to have you cover our wedding.
  • Sandeep Sharma
    Sandeep Sharma
    The album and the video are awsome. Thank you so much. It is amazing.
  • Sayantanee Dutta Ghosh
    Sayantanee Dutta Ghosh
    Marriage Photography is a team of marvelous photographers. Marriage is an important event for everyone and we want flawless photography which was not possible without their heartfelt effort.
  • Arunabha Dey Sarkar
    Arunabha Dey Sarkar
    The photo album and the video both came out very well and we all liked it. Thanks for your great job.I will refer my friends / colleagues who may be looking for a good professional
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    Tania Dutta
    Very beautiful photography. The pix, the albums, and the team are awesome....Thanks